Sustainability Policy

The History of Valdivieso has two constant principles: tradition and innovation. Both interact since its genesis in 1879, year where Alberto Valdivieso ventured into the production of sparkling wines with strains brought from Europe several years before. Vinification of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes with the French traditional method with doublé fermentation in bottle, give life to the first sparkling production house in Chile and South America, Champagne Valdivieso, Actually Viña Valdivieso S.A, consolidated leading brand of the category in the region and with participation in the European and Asian markets.

The interest for the new challenges causes that the company participates from the decade of 1950 in the production of calm wines with a great quality, with origin in the best terroir of Chile and elaborated in the Lontué winery, Curicó Valley. The values of honesty, service, commitment and teamwork guide the work and standards of work in Viña Valdivieso S.A., giving the Company ́s management style, each time more respectful of the rights of each worker, who aware of their duties, in turn bring harmony and satisfaction to the organization.

The company's commitment to sustainable development in the production of sparkling wines and high quality wines for is established interest groups, customers, suppliers, workers, community and consumers, emphasizes five fundamental aspects:

  • Respect all persons, whether employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, authorities and the community; without any discrimination, either by gender, religion, race or sexual orientation, that is, there is no abusive or discriminatory advertising against people or groups and all types of child labor are prohibited.
  • Compliance with current Legislation and voluntary commitments:

    I. In matters of security, permanent control of all types of risks that involve the health of employees, contractors and the community, and in parallel, always maintaining fair labor practices with their workers.

    II. In terms of professional growth for employees, there is an incentive to participate in training programs that aim to improve efficiency, increase productivity, quality, care for the environment and growth of themselves.

  • Sustained development of labor practices in a clean manner, with low environmental impact, through the improvement of good practices such as: reduction of the amount of waste and emissions of greenhouse gases, efficient use of energy and water, compliance with current legislation and creation of our own initiatives, thus maintaining our commitment to care for the environment.

  • Teamwork, continuous improvement towards sustainability, good interpersonal relationships with workers, contractors, customers, suppliers, harmonious coexistence with the community and a long-term strategic vision, whose objective is the transformation of Viña Valdivieso SA in a sustainable company over time.

  • In relation to our customers and suppliers, it is forbidden to use sales and purchasing practices, respectively, which are unethical, for example, using pressure, deception or undue influence measures.

The story of Viña Valdivieso S.A. shows the company's constant commitment to innovation, a principle that currently includes the commitment to Sustainability, as an intrinsic value of management.

José Arias Salas